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Our main goal is to show how to practise English as a foreign language in an efficient and enjoyable way, and to provide interesting and easy-to-use materials and effective language courses for this.

Students can use these exercises, worksheets, and other materials for self-study, while teachers can make good use of them in classroom activities and exam preparation.

Sample Materials

These samples are taken from social media posts (followed by more than 400000 people).
Similar, but more extensive things are used in the online lessons, and/or given out for individual study.



Vocabulary pictures
(public places, sports and games, tools)


Future in English
examples + worksheet with exercises, ESL/EFL intermediate


Tense usage exercise
16 multiple choice questions, intermediate level


Tense exercises
(mixed tenses, pre-intermediate and intermediate level, 100 questions)

€ 3.50

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